Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Derived Column

Notice that there are three different examples of how to work with the derived column... The first example uses a DT_WSTR column and outputs a NEW column with a data type of DT_WSTR. The second example does exactly the same thing, except the output data type for a second, new column is DT_I4 (integer). The third example actually replaces an integer column, ClientNumber with the values of the conditional expression.

If you are working on date fields, DT_STR input types can be implicitly cast to date data types. An example follows. The input column, [column10] is of type DT_STR.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Flat File Issues

This post is in reference to the thread "Flat File Source Problem" over at the MSDN SSIS forums.

After taking the sample data, I saved it to a text file. When first creating the flat file connector, I got the same error, however I did not have a CR-LF at the end of the last line. I opened the file, went to the end and hit Enter and then saved the file. I recreated the flat file connector, specifying "Vertical Bar {|}" as the column separator and everything worked.